About BCSP

Black Candy Store Press (BCSP) is committed to being an alternative publisher and media outlet for trans and queer people of color, while centering Blackness and people in the African Diaspora.

BCSP was born in the spring 2014 out the need for a coupla’ Black queers to have access to alternative forms of media. I began this journey with AT; and while we aren’t currently working collaboratively in the ways we had imagined, we do indeed continue to share a love for our people — Black people. AT and I found that being queer gender non-conformists, living in Diaspora, and also being non-monogamous gave us a distinct view of the world and how we experience it. And because life sometimes (read: always) gets in the way, me and AT weren’t able to continue the project together as we had originally planned. I will be moving forward with this work independently and with the blessing of the other BCSP Co-Founder. I hope to take this Press to the stars.

You can find BCSP on tumblr at: blackcandystorepress.tumblr.com


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